Welcome to the NCSAM 2023 Capture The Flag Challenge!


Complete all the challenges to test your cyber security knowledge and earn points. There are nearly 500 points that can be earned!

Rules of Engagement

  1. No hacking the scoreboard. No Denial of Service attacks
  2. Use appropriate names when registering
  3. Use a real email address such as your UNC email. This will allow us to contact you about prizes.
  4. The challenge will run from October 2, 2023 8AM EST to October 6, 2023 5PM EST.
  5. No limit on answer attempts
  6. Google is your friend, use it!
  7. Please report issues to security@unc.edu This inbox will only be monitored during business hours. You can ignore the auto-reply message for the duration of this event.

How to Play

  1. Register by selecting clicking "Click here" at the bottom of this page or by clicking Register to the right of the page toolbar.
  2. Once registered, you will be redirected to the Challenges page. Complete the Tutorial challenges to unlock the remaining challenges.
  3. Make your way through all the challenges!

Click here to register and start the challenge! Good luck!